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Mutrah, Soug Oman
Mutrah, Oman. The rocky little mountains are a staple of Oman, usually they are dotted with goats.
Beautiful Omani silver jewelry
Mutrah Soug (bazaar), Oman

Mutrah is a small fishing town bordering Muscat where cruise ships may stop.
There is some construction going on at the moment which could be a hotel or
an extension to the fish port. Hotels are reasonably priced. Marina hotel near
the fish roundabout is okay.There is a night club that plays music well into
the night and beware the neighboring hotels seem to have a prostitution problem.
This isn't exactly the best thing for attracting tourists to Oman. I had a
good laugh at the fish restaurant which was named, "fishers grilled".
The Omanis have a lot of signs in English that are full of mistakes.I wonder if they
still have a "fartilizer store" in Sohar, Oman.

One of my favorite places in Oman is Mutrah Souq. It is a fairly large souq
located in Muscat,Oman. You can buy a lot of souveniers there like Indian
style handbags, pashminas and Omani incense. They also have fabric
stores,dresses, and silver.My favorite places in the souq are the juice bar
and the old silver stores. They are both located halfway through the soug on
the right. The juice bar has fresh juices like mango, strawberry and guava. I
got the works with icecream and they added sultanas and pine nuts. The silver
stores are usually quite pricey, you can find better deals in the smaller
towns but the variety is amazing. A lot of the silver is replicas of old coins
or jewelry. The silver stores are expertly decorated and it is so fun to walk
inside. It is like a treasure chest.

Omani incense is usually cheap. It is very distinct in its smell compared to
neighboring gulf countries which often stick to oud (agarwood) and perfume
oil. Omani incense is usually a combination of francincense,myrrh, sandalwood
and shells. I find only francincense to be quite strong on its own. It is a
pale yellow color and I have heard the green kind is of a better
quality.Some people also chew on it like gum as it is anti-bacterial.
Incense is an integral part of life in the Gulf and nearly
every house burns it. I guess people used it frequently in the past to get rid of the smell of food in tents or perhaps to get rid of bad smells due to lack of water. The
most prized smell is "oud" which is usually harvested in Cambodia, Indonesia and
India.It is a tree that has been infected with a fungus.
The smell is unique and can be very offputting to westerners. Even Dolce and Gabbana have a special perfume targeted to the Bedouin with an "oud" infusion.

My favorite store to look at in Mutrah, Oman
Wow, Omani silver. Don't you just feel like a pirate? Arrr...
Typical gulf perfume bottles. You choose the oil to put in it. There are traditional scents like Jasmine or Rose and mixes like Chanel Chance or Aqua di Gio.
Omani silver jewellery in Mutrah, Oman
Hmm, grilled fisherman anyone?
One of the "shadier" Mutrah hotels.
The incense guy at the Mutrah Souq. It seems like a family business. They have everything neatly organized in jars. You may hear them say, "tafadhal" which means, "come on in".
Omani francinsense. It almost has a smell of Eucalyptus.
Fresh fruit juice with ice-cream, sultanas and nuts in Mutrah Soug, Oman. It was a meal in itself.
Behind the Soug, in the local area a man making fresh bread.
Hmmm. A couple pieces of fresh chicken in a fridge, not the most appetizing.
Take Al Mina street from Lulu hypermarket all the way to the end.


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Well done ! A very thorough view overall view of life in the Gulf. It is missing one section though...Haram Haram...and Same Same... :)

I would recommend anyone considering moving to the Gulf to read all the sections of the blog and buy the e-book ! Perspective is current and accurate, with a neutrality often missing in Middle Eastern blogs.

08/15/2014 8:36pm

nice info about middle east, thanks

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Always has really good posts and topics please keep it uploads of blogs are going under lately from lack of new posts etc

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